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american flag.swf

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Flash #51622

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ActionScript [AS1/AS2]
Frame 1
csMovieFPS = 10;
Frame 7
getURL("", "_self"); stop();

Library Items

Symbol 3 BitmapUsed by:1
Symbol 1 GraphicUses:3Used by:Timeline
Symbol 6 BitmapUsed by:4
Symbol 4 GraphicUses:6Used by:Timeline
Symbol 9 BitmapUsed by:7
Symbol 7 GraphicUses:9Used by:Timeline
Symbol 12 BitmapUsed by:10
Symbol 10 GraphicUses:12Used by:Timeline
Symbol 15 BitmapUsed by:13
Symbol 13 GraphicUses:15Used by:Timeline
Symbol 18 BitmapUsed by:16
Symbol 16 GraphicUses:18Used by:Timeline
Symbol 21 BitmapUsed by:19
Symbol 19 GraphicUses:21Used by:Timeline
Streaming Sound 1Used by:Timeline

Special Tags

Tag 0x2BC (700)Timeline Frame 131 bytes "TechSmith Camtasia Studio 2.1.0"
Created: 27/4 -2009 12:14:47 Last modified: 27/4 -2009 12:14:47 Server time: 22/08 -2014 23:35:54