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Hello /f/
I was thinking the other night as
I lay in bed, what is anonymous
fighting? One of the myths I
think our society promotes is
that human beings need
something to fight, the claim is
it's human instinct to fight. But
is it really?
Or do people accomplish more
by working together. The only
way it seems for people not to
fight is if everyone in the world
got along.
Anonymous claims they fight,
scientology, the illuminati, and
other groups. But what does
this really breed? what good is
actually created from
participating in these online
attacks? Let’s say anonymous
defeats scientology and the
illuminati, but at the same time
you still live in a monetary
There would still be fighting
because money is one of the
main elements our society
fights over. So no peace is really
created from these attacks if
that's anonymous's objective.
When you go for a job interview
and present the best possible
resume of yourself, you're
saying your better than
everyone else for this job, which
is completely ridiculous, we all
think that when anyone goes for
a job interview. How can
someone be better than
someone else if we're all
The zeitgeist movement claims
some of this stuff, if you’ve
taken any of this in then

you've been trolled

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