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On the morning of June 17, 2006, the Fox and Spotted Hyena
Divisions of the Citzerlitz Army, led by General Viqsi and
Sergeant Spots, unleashed a series of devastating verbal
attacks against ethnic feasoxes living within the neighboring
country of Jaxton.
Angered by these covert military actions being conducted within
its own borders, the Jaxton War Council swiftly declared war
on Citzerlitz and evolutionary warfare against vulpines as well
as all other canine-like species.
In the interests of avoiding further escalation of violence, the
tiny peace-loving nation of Neurad hosted an emergency peace
summit.  Unfortunately, thanks to caustic comments made by
General Viqsi herself, this gathering of Westernan leaders
only succeeded in fueling the flames.
Once the dust had settled, the Feasozobearzuma-controlled
government of Jaxton had added Citzerlitz's staunchest ally,
Felmoor and its majority population of impure
non-feasozobearzuma felines, to its growing death list.  Neurad,
insulted by Citzerlitz's rejection of its promotion of peace,
pledged its support of the Jaxtonian cause.
Thus The Feasoxobearzuma Alliance was born, while their Citz
and Felmooran enemies united to form The Defense League.
The entire continent of Westerna now found itself in all-out
mortal combat.
After two years of bloodshed, little progress was made on
either side.  It was then that the hugely influential movie
"Troy", starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, was released.
Inspired by the first scene where two warring armies decide
the outcome by pitting their greatest champions against each
other, the Alliance and Defense League agreed to do the same.
Unfortunately, the Goblet of Fire had run out of batteries, so
tournaments were scheduled on both sides to determine who
would be the champions to represent their nations in the
final duel.
Westerna's greatest warriors flocked to these tournaments,
as eternal glory was promised to the champion who would
finally bring peace to the continent...

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