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Say hello to The Swiff Army Knife! I plan to merge all my programs into this one eventually but for now it's
mainly a video cutter/encoder. If you're looking for a way to make webm files look no further!

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Flash Test by JMAA (DoodleFelineCat Ainhander).swf

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Flash #89586

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Library Items
Symbol 1 GraphicUsed by:2
Symbol 2 MovieClipUses:1Used by:Timeline
Symbol 3 GraphicUsed by:4
Symbol 4 MovieClipUses:3Used by:Timeline
Symbol 5 GraphicUsed by:6
Symbol 6 MovieClipUses:5Used by:Timeline
Symbol 7 GraphicUsed by:8
Symbol 8 MovieClipUses:7Used by:Timeline
Symbol 9 GraphicUsed by:10
Symbol 10 MovieClipUses:9Used by:Timeline
Symbol 11 GraphicUsed by:12
Symbol 12 MovieClipUses:11Used by:Timeline
Symbol 13 GraphicUsed by:14
Symbol 14 MovieClipUses:13Used by:Timeline
Symbol 15 GraphicUsed by:16
Symbol 16 MovieClipUses:15Used by:Timeline
Symbol 17 GraphicUsed by:18
Symbol 18 MovieClipUses:17Used by:Timeline
Symbol 19 GraphicUsed by:Timeline
Symbol 20 GraphicUsed by:21
Symbol 21 MovieClipUses:20Used by:Timeline
Symbol 22 GraphicUsed by:23
Symbol 23 MovieClipUses:22Used by:Timeline
Symbol 24 GraphicUsed by:25
Symbol 25 MovieClipUses:24Used by:Timeline
Symbol 26 GraphicUsed by:Timeline
Symbol 27 GraphicUsed by:Timeline
Symbol 28 GraphicUsed by:Timeline
Symbol 29 GraphicUsed by:Timeline
Symbol 30 GraphicUsed by:Timeline

Special Tags

FileAttributes (69)Timeline Frame 1Access local files only, Metadata present, AS1/AS2.
SWFMetaData (77)Timeline Frame 1953 bytes "<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""> <rdf:Description rdf:about="" xmln ..."
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