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Hello, people's of the world. I would like you to consider the
following question. Is the current social arrangement that we
know of, namely, capitalism, or the free market a system that
is based around caring for the human being? If it's not then
we have a serious problem my friends. Because the very
fabric of society, the social atmosphere, is working against
the people. Humanity is at war with itself. There can never be
true justice and freedom if the social system that is currently
in operation, is going against how the human being actually
works, indeed also how our reality works. Does the
institution of politics resolve our problems? Or does the
practice of the scientific method solve our problems? These
are questions that we need to think about considering the
current turmoil in the world. For example, the emergence of
movements such as occupy, are not going to go away as
long as the people are unhappy with the current
arrangements in society. Yet we need to ask bigger questions
in order to solve our problems. If we are unhappy with the
stream of problems our current social arrangement is giving
us, then what will actually bring us happiness? And how do
we know when we'll have it? There's only one way to know,
we need to know what makes the human being happy. In
order to create a society for human beings, we need to know
what the human being is. Does the human being enjoy war?
Does the human being legitimately love his money? Does the
human being legitimately love to sell repetitive and mundane
labor in the market for money? These are all questions we
need to consider, and if we want a better world, then they
need answering. Until such time, we are anonymous. We are
legion. United as one. Divided by zero. We do not forgive
censorship. We do not forget oppression. We must end
cruelty. Expect us.

Anon TV

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