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I'm talking 'bout
the Resource-Based Economy
The Scientific Method
for Social Equality

Where our technology
allows a life in global abundance
and the choice between
contender and incumbent
is redundant

Welcome to this
pale blue dot in our galaxy
where we fear the finality
of our own mortality

and we worry 'bout our salary
and consumption of calories
while famine and war
have caused another fatality

So now the world planet's in debt
we owe quite a tall stack
but it's literally impossible
to pay it all back
Because money is debt
created with interest
you listenin'?
There's actually more money owed
than exists in the whole system
That's a pyramid scheme!
Not just mean individuals
skimming the cream
Not just smoke-filled rooms
where the supremely powerful

It seems that
Systemic flaw is the theme
to this meme
Today's system
defines who wins and loses
with competition
so losers
are created
by definition
Our leaders are ruled
by political ambition
not a single one of them
is a trained technician
It would be insane
to listen to their claims
I'd rather use
the Scientific Method
to arrive at decisions

So pardon my sedition
but I stand by my derision
and I fight against this system
with a thought for ammunition

We live in a finite world
but our need for growth is infinite
Our relationship with money
is so damn intimate,
We can't slow down
we want more
oh we're so into it
It would be a sin to quit

It's a train of thought
It's a frame of sorts
a campaign where you
can't just feign support
The train of thought
can't be claimed or bought
it's an idea
there's no one
you can blame in court

It's a train of thought
it's not a game or sport
it pretains to humane
and sustained support
like a chain is wrought
it can be trained and taught
to anyone with a brain
let me explain in short

No political borders
no one giving you orders
It's a world worth giving
to our sons and daughters

Take care of the planet
and meet everybody's needs
make the world debt free
just live and let be

For every human soul
young and old
Let go of your borders
time to think worldwide
no more democracy and politics
all that's been tried
Instead we use
the scientific method as a guide
to arrive at decisions
on how technology's applied
And if we want to provide
we can't take a resource
and abuse it
We need to keep track of
what we have
and how fast we use it

Systems Theory tells us
everything in nature is connected
when we cut down too many trees
the ecosystem is affected
So in production it makes sense
to build everything to last
planned obsolescence
should be a thing of the past
and if we design
fast evolving technologies
to be modular
we can replace old parts
with the new and more popular
To distribute our goods
the shortest distance is preferred
to transfer from there
what we can make here is absurd

Then we evaluate demand for goods
and build hubs to receive them.
Like a library
where you check things out
for as long as you need them

All of this is doable
with today's technology
as long as we apply
the right methodology
'cause scarcity
is technically outdated
you follow me?
This way we can live in
and global equality

We can't control nature
we can only try to fit the mould
so instead of growth and jobs
let's set ourselves a new goal
A bold, high standard of living
for the planet as a whole
in a sustainable way

Where technology
allows a life in global abundance
and the choice between
contender and incumbent
is redundant

Become the Transition
It's about damn time
The planet is shared
by all of mankind

that has to be supported
by the surrounding conditions
so the mission is one
we should agree to pick
No police, no prisons
no referee to trick
Build a system with no incentive
for harmful behaviour
'cause if you remove the carrot
you don't need the stick
There would be
nothing to gain
from trying to mislead
mistreat or  deceive
no incentive to thieve
what could you hope to achieve?

anything you need
you can get for free
And it would always be available
so no reason for greed
10 percent of the population
makes the system run
so instead of working 9-5
live your life for fun
travel the world
raise a family
read a book
build something beautifully useful
or learn to cook
It's this generation's
defining challenge extraordinaire
it's not complicated
just a comprehensive affair
For some it's a big mouthful
for others a breath of fresh air

Don't be scared
'cause it can be done
don't despair
Educate yourself on
how the current system's impaired
But please do more than
just make other people aware

when it comes down to it
we have two things to
one: we all care
two: we all share

Incentive is the key
to understanding volition
we don't act without it
It's behind any decision
There's no human nature
to behaviour
Just a predisposition

that a train of thought
It's a frame of sorts
a campaign where you
can't just feign support
The train of thought
can't be claimed or bought
it's an idea
there's no one
you can blame in court

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