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VIP on swfchan.

What does being VIP mean?

When you are VIP you will receive five times the amount of credits you normally receive after submitting a valid captcha code. This means that you can watch/download 5, 10, 15, or 20 flash files from swfchan before having to enter a new captcha code (which one of these four amounts you'll get is random after each captcha submit). You will also gain a million search credits every time you are about to run out of them (this means that the most you ever have to wait between searches are five seconds). VIP = convenience.

Update: Being a VIP doesn't do anything nowadays, except perhaps giving you a good feeling. Everybody get 15-25 credits now from a captcha, and the search works the same for everybody. Ignore this entire page basically.

Why is the multiplier only 5?

Because the captcha is still important to prevent swfchan from being leeched to death. Also, the amount credits given is random in order to make automating some kind of leeching system a bit harder.

Am I VIP forever?

It is in reality your IP address that becomes VIP, not you. This means that as long as you access swfchan from the same connection (IP) you will be VIP. Your IP will be VIP for as long as swfchan stays online.

How do I become VIP?

There are two ways: Either you pay me five bucks because I'm a sellout or you report two flash files that I will delete (if you report two flash files that I do not delete you will instead be rewarded with ban).

How do I pay you this great amount of money?

PayPal. Meh, they're okay after all I guess. It's just easiest this way. (Btw five bucks might get me a piece of standard cheese where I live if I'm lucky, $5 is not an unreasonable amount if you use swfchan a lot.)

When can I expect to be VIP?

When you see small "VIP"-letters after submitting a captcha, you'll know. I'll add your IP manually after checking my PayPal account, dunno how often I will be able to do that. I'm not expecting a lot of people signing up for VIP but if there are some that do I will definately start checking my PP account a lot more often.


REMOVED! Saying it here since I'm too lazy to edit the rest of the page. For now you may only be VIP by reporting illegal flash files, thanks for the interest though. This might be back someday later.


Enter the IP address you wish me to add to the VIP list in the comment you can send through PayPal. The price is 5 USD per IP address, if you want two IP to be VIP that'll be 10 USD.


Just to be clear, if you send more than $5 and only one IP (or more IP addresses but not enough money for all to be added) I will add the first address(es) and concider the rest of the dough as donation, same if you send below $5 or $5 with no IP in the comment and so on. Go here to get your IP address just as swfchan sees it.
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